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3400 LS-GPS

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BlueTooth Hands-Free Safety upgrades help keep you out of accidents.

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You'll find Parrot Bluetooth in many areas of this website due to the diversity of the technology. Head Units (Your basic car radio) can be Bluetooth compatible, so you'll find those in our Audio Upgrades page as well as even the Video Upgrades area and of course Safety Upgrades. It all depends what type of system you're looking to integrate into your vehicle. Since choices can be a bit confusing, we welcome you to call our professional installers who can assist you in what choices would fit your vehicle and your personal needs. CLICK HERE or Scroll down - the new window to view our sister-site www.bluetoothaz.com should have opened allowing you to browse right from here! If this doesn't work in your browser a new window will simply open up to the site.

Bluetooth units: (Left) mounted above a rear-view mirror, (Right) in an unused ashtray.




























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