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::AUDIO UPGRADES:: We are a Custom Autosound Authorized Dealer

Why ruin the look of a classic car with a modern radio?

Retro-looking radios on the outside, hide a modern sound system.

Your radio system "hidden audio" is stored in the glove compartment.

Radio is operated by remote control!


Classic Car Radio ReproductionsCustom Autosound Dealer

Classic Reproduction Radios for:elir, mpala, Cadillac, Oldsmobile, Buick, Camaro, Firebird, Chevelle, Nova, El Camino, Corvette, Fords, Mustang, Thunderbird, Lincoln, Mercury, Chevy, Plymouth


Concours Series Custom AutosoundCorvette Reproduction RadioOverdrive Customs is an Arizona dealer for a full line of Retro Classic Radio faces that contain all the high-tech components you need.

You can control your CD Changer, iPod or USB direct control components, satellite radio etc. while keeping your car's retro look!


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Chevy Reproduction Radio

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1966 mustang radio 641/2-66 mustang, 64-65 falcon reproduction radiosA Custom Made Replica Of The 1966 Mustang AM-FM Option (with Added Features!)
Perfect fit for '64½ - '66 Mustang
'64-'65 Falcon (standard Interior)



When was the last time you saw an original 66 Mustang AM/FM? The next time you do it might not be.
Now a radio that not only looks right and sounds great in your classic Mustang it gives you a direct connection to today's audio options. This manual tuning AM/FM stereo tuner with auxiliary input for iPod, MP3, satellite radio etc. will also control an optional 10 disc CD changer from the buttons on the radio (No FM Modulation). Push-buttons operate CD & Aux input functions (no radio station pre-sets). Once you become familiar with the button features remove the labels to get that OEM look you want.

iPod / USB MP3 Interface available for this model


200 watts
Separate bass and treble
4 channel RCA pre-outs
Auxiliary Input for direct
connection to todays audio
Front / Rear Fader
Left / Right Balance Control
Metal knobs and metal plated nose piece.
Perfect fit for ‘64½ to ‘66 Mustang and &
‘64 - ‘65 Falcon (Standard Interior)

All Custom Autosound radios with Auxiliary input (USA-1, USA-2, USA-6) include a 26" aux-in cable. The RCA jacks connect to the aux-in on the back of the radio. The 3.5mm mini-stereo jack plugs into the headphone or line out jack of your your iPod, MP3, CD etc. If this is not the style of connector on your portable device, you may need to purchase the appropriate cables or parts separately.


Keeping your retro vehicle's original radio but still want the high-tech toys? Not a problem with secret audio. We used this on a retro Caddy Eldorado. Factory radio stayed intact, CD changer and receiver were hidden in the glovebox. Driver simply uses the remote to control the hidden unit! These can be installed on ANY vehicle. Keep your classic radio and dash unblemished while having all the high-tech components hidden and controlled by you with the touch of a remote! Who says yo

Secret Audio RF remote control radio

u can't have it all!

• AM/FM Stereo • Seek And Scan Tuning
• 4-way Fader • Separate Bass And Treble • 4 Channel RCA Pre-outs
• CD Changer Options - Controlled By The Wireless Remote!!

Secretaudio is a hidden audio system that offers great flexibility for mounting in any type of vehicle. The main receiver/amplifier unit is usually hidden under the seat, or behind the dash. A 12ft cord from the Tuner/Amp plugs into a LCD display. A 9' cord connects the Optional CD Changer to the Tuner/Amp.

Included with the system is a flush mount bezel for console or dash mounting. The small dimensions of the flush mount system allow you to install the LCD display almost anywhere. The LCD also comes with a bracket mount for easy installation in the glove box, under the dash, in the ashtray, sun visor, console, or wherever you choose. Since its only 3/4" deep its especially handy for custom or streetrod applications where there may be wiring or ducting routed behind the panels you wish to utilize for mounting. When your installation is finished you'll be rewarded with a quality professionally installed look.

The Secretaudio SS model remote is a 'RF' (radio frequency) remote. With the RF remote you do not have to be in direct line of sight with the display. In fact, you can use the RF remote from up to 40 feet away, and control all functions of the system and even the optional 10-disc changer.

Secretaudio is designed for installation flexibility. Included with the system is a flush mount bezel for console or custom mounting and a swivel bracket for under dash or ashtray etc. In the Eldorado below, the original factory radio remains untouched, no damage was made to the dash. The Secretaudio unit allows the Radio (hidden in glove box) to be operated via remote control even with the glove box closed. We can install the unit under seats etc. Whatever suits your needs. We also did custom upholstery in this vehicle (formerly blue). Dash was re-painted, and the steering wheel hand wrapped

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with leather.






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